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GR Series

GR Meters are economically versatile, user friendly devices. Mass flow is read directly for a wide range of flow rates and gases. Available as a meter or controller, they feature on-board backlit display and on-board set point control knob. Standard power is 24VDC supplied by an AC adapter. Their durability and NIST-traceable calibration accuracy, coupled with their relatively low cost, makes them ideal for OEM applications.

Technical Info

Wetted MaterialDelrin TM or 316SS
Output Signal0-5 VDC Linear or 4-20 MA Linear
Input Power24 VDC Standard, Optional 15 VDC 115 VAC, 220 VAC @ 500ma
Accuracy+/- 1% Full scale (including Linearity)
Repeatability+/- 0.15% Full scale or better
Connection9 Pin Sub “D”
Control SignalIntegral or 0-5 VDC
Control ValveElectromagnetic N/C
Meter Range0-10 SCCM up to 0-150 SLPM
Controller Range0-10 SCCM to 50 SLPM
Max Pressure250 PSIG
Response Time1 Sec
Temperature Coeff.0.05% Full scale per 1ยบ C or better
Pressure Coeff.0.01% Full scale per PSIG or better

Ordering Information

IL-(model)-(output code)-(power code)-Gas and range
Model Fitting Code Output Code Power Code Flowbody Code
111 = no display
112 = w/ display
115 = no display
116 = w/ display
1 = 1/4"fnpt
2 = 1/2"fnpt
3 = 1/4"compression
4 = 3/8"compression
A = 0-5 VDC
B = 4-20 ma
PW = 12 VDC
(Meters Only)
PS = 15 VDC
PO = 24 VDC
PV = 115 VAC
PE = 220 VAC
No code = Standard Delrin
SS = 316 Stainless Steel
MF = Mid-range (316 SS)
HF = High-range (316 SS)

The GR is available as a meter or controller. Call 512-948-7089 FATHOMS or Contact Us for more information.