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Calibration Services

Fathoms offers Gas and liquid flow calibration services for many Types of flow
meters, including Ultra Sonic, Turbine, Magnetic, Thermal, Positive displacement,
Differential Pressure, and Rotometers. We utilize all NIST tracible primary
standards for all in house calibration service, the best available. We stock a variety
of gases to provide the best accuracy. We also offer onsite services for companies
in Texas. Customers and applications include water systems for Municipalities,
Manufacturing waste water, Bottling plants, Pharmaceutical plants and
Semiconductor gas mains.

As the expert in flow Fathoms is sub-contracted by many other calibration
companies for gas and liquid flow calibrations. We have performed calibrations on
most brands of flowmeters, some of which are listed below.
Partial list of brands Fathoms services.

Aalburg, Brooks, Sonoflow, Burquett, Alicat, Badger, Dwyer, Burkert, Mesa Labs,
DH instruments, Digi Sense, Emerson, Eldridge, Endress Hauser, FCI, Furness
Controls, Fuji Ultrasonics, Fire End, Gillian, Hastings. Headland, Hitachi, IFM, JTech,
Kofak, Kurz, Micrometer, Matheson Macmillan, Mks, Omega Engineering,
Precision Flow devices, Porter, Redwood systems, Sage metering, Signet, S-tron.
Sierra Instruments, Unit, Tylan, Stec